The new image of Tesla pickup puzzled designers

Recently, Tesla has finally introducedits long-awaited electric crossover Model Y. It turned out that in one of the demonstration videos the company hid the Easter egg as a teaser for the future of the future pickup truck, but almost nobody noticed it. Subsequently, Ilon Musk decided to just publish a secret picture, but she only puzzled users. It is not at all clear what part of the car is depicted on it, but the designers decided to solve this mystery on their own.

A few months ago, Ilon Musk said thathis pickup design is inspired by the Blade Runner cyberpunk universe. At the same time, he was absolutely not bothered that a car with an overly bold design would hardly be in demand. He said that after the release of the futuristic mini-truck, he will release a version with a more modest and familiar design.

Designer Sean Sparling shared with the publicationElectrec rough 3D-model of the future news. In his opinion, a pickup truck will have a rather long hood, but due to the low detailing it is impossible to single out any particular features of a future car.

Other designers believe that Teslapurposely misled people by changing the angle of the image. It may well be that it appears in front of the body - if you compare the teaser with the image of a Tesla pick-up two years ago, you can find quite a few common features.

There is also an opinion that in the picture there is a pickup truck loading area. In one of the designers' creations, you can see a more standard look of the future novelty, but the other one is more in line with the cyberpunk style.

Which of the following options seems to you the most realistic? Perhaps you have your own interpretation of the teaser? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments, or in our Telegram-chat.