The manufacturing company Xiaomi Qin1 and Qin1s has released a new button with enhanced functionality and built-in AI

In 2018, Xiaomi introduced us tonamed QIN, releasing the sale of two mobiles of this company. The devices have been proposed to the public under the names Xiaomi Qin1 and Xiaomi Qin1s. In addition to the famous brand and laconic design, the devices were not typical for mobile phones that are not smartphones, a set of functions. Both mobile phones supported WiFi, were able to translate from Chinese into 17 languages ​​thanks to the AI ​​engine, and, well, they could serve as a remote control due to the presence of an infrared port.

QIN company has a new update of the same plan. The new QIN QF9 also supports work in 4G networks, is also equipped with artificial intelligence, thanks to which the transfer function is realized, it can also serve as a remote control. Able to distribute WiFi.

QIN QF9 is presented in black and red colors at a price of 299 yuan ($ 45/2860 rubles).

Interestingly, this model Xiaomi also offers an ODM-scheme, or is the topic already exhausted by the previous two devices?

Tatyana Kobelskaya