Spectacles 3 glasses from Snap got an HD camera and a new design (4 photos)

Snap introduced a new modelsunglasses equipped with augmented reality. Spectacles 3 has a second HD camera, in addition, the new product has an exclusive set of 3D effects. Closer to the New Year, the manufacturer will allow third-party developers to make similar filters.

Like past models, Spectacles 3 canto shoot videos and photos - just press the special button on the glasses. The resolution of the photos saved at the same time is 1642 x 1642 pixels, and the videos - 1.216 x 1.216 pixels. When recording is in progress, indicators light up near each of the cameras.

Glasses sync with device runningon iOS or Android. Filmed material can be edited and sent to Snapchat or to other platforms for sharing, such as YouTube. One charge of the device is enough for about 200 photos and 70 videos. You can charge it by placing it in a special case. It will take 75 minutes to fully charge.

Pictures taken with glasses still not copiedautomatically into your Snapchat account. As the representatives of the manufacturer assure, so far there are technical difficulties that do not allow this. Therefore, the captured material must be downloaded via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There is an exception. These are iOS users. They have the ability to set up auto-export of snapshots on Snapchat using Wi-Fi and a case.

The novelty will begin to be sold on for the price of 380 dollars. Two solutions will be available: beige (“mineral”) and black (“carbon”). Curiously, last year’s model costs $ 150. According to the leaders of the manufacturer, the target audience of this version is a small group of creative designers.

Such a significant cost of new items can scare away many. In particular, college students and high school students, which Snapchat most often use.

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