Samsung introduced Exynos 9825 right before the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10

On the day of the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10,just a few hours before it, the South Korean company Samsung announced a new mobile chipset called Exynos 9825, which differs from the previous version of Exynos 9820 with faster graphics and an improved process technology, which should provide the device with an improved gameplay.

This advantage has received a new version of the chipdue to the fact that it is built according to the 7-nanometer EUV process, unlike the Exynos 9820, produced according to the 8-nanometer LPP standards. In addition, the new chip has an increase in efficiency, not an increase in performance indicators, which should provide the device with improved gameplay.

Exynos 9825 includes:
• two M4 cores;
• two Cortex-A75 cores;
• four core Cortex-A55;
• Mali-G76MP12 GPU;
• Shannon 5000 LTE modem with Cat.20 support.

Most likely, the clock frequency of the Exynos 9825 cores is the same as that of the Exynos 9820. Both chips support:
• LPDDR4X format memory;
• front and main cameras with a resolution of up to 22 megapixels;
• dual cameras with a resolution of 16 megapixels;
• shooting 8K-video at a speed of up to 30 frames per second;
• 4K video at 150 frames per second.