Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphones will install a new generation camera

Development of new smartphone modelscarried out continuously, and insiders are constantly striving to find out the technical details of future models. Particularly curious are smartphones created by market leaders. The network leaked information about the innovative cameras that are expected in the new series of smartphones from Samsung Galaxy S11. According to information from insider sources, the South Korean concern plans to bring the cameras of mobile devices to a qualitatively new technical level.

It is expected that the Galaxy S11 will receive sensors with a higher resolution, more technically advanced depth sensors and will gain the ability to more accurately scale captured objects.

Most likely, the Galaxy S11 will be equippedbranded sensors with a resolution of 108 megapixels or 64 megapixels and will support Tetracell technology, which will provide higher quality shooting in low light conditions. Autofocus will work out more quickly, and the HDR mode will be improved. It is assumed that the Galaxy S11 will be available for shooting HDR video (480 FPS) with a resolution of 1080p FullHD.

Camera sensors will be able to capture advancedcolor range, which will allow photographs to convey a natural look close to what the human eye sees. More attention will be paid to ToF sensors, which can improve the quality of spatial perception by the sensor and improve face recognition technology and the quality of portraiture.

Samsung's S Series is also expected to berepresented by three models. According to unverified information from a competent source, the S11 model received the code name Picasso, alluding to improved graphics processing quality.

It is assumed that S11 smartphones will be equippedAMOLED screens, the latest Qualcomm processors will be responsible for the hardware, maybe even the Snapdragon 865. The RAM will expand to 6 GB, the main memory will probably not be expandable with SD cards and there will be no 3.5 mm headphone jack.