Samsung fixed subscreen fingerprint scanners in the Galaxy S10

Samsung Corporation introduced a smallupdate for Galaxy S10 + and S10. It is designed to improve the functioning of the subscreen fingerprint scanner, which users complained about. In addition, representatives of the company promised to release an update that has a special night shooting mode.

Previously, the owners of fresh flagships complained thatultrasound scanners are slower than they expected. Sometimes the finger was not recognized at all. Problems were often observed on devices with proprietary protective films. By the way, Samsung earlier assured that they do not affect the functioning of the sensor.

Users noted that with the receiptUpdates scanners began to function faster, often and instantly. The update will require only 6.9 MB. While it can be obtained only in Poland and Germany. Over time, it will get to other countries.

Samsung is redesigning the camera "Night" modefor the Galaxy S10 series. This option is isolated, just like the Video Pro mode. In addition, the camera has been updated.

- Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 12, 2019

Rumor has it that soon Samsungwill offer another update that changes the shooting algorithms, and also adds a special night mode to the camera. So far, the models have a Bright Night mode that does not work as well. Moreover, it functions automatically, and the user cannot control it in any way. With a modified mode, users should get features like the flagships of Huawei and Google. Update waiting for this spring.