Often work with PDF? Try this app

Many work with files in the format every day.PDF: for example, medical records are often kept in several formats: for one patient - in Word and Excel, for another - in the form of images and PDF. In order to adjust everything and bring the system to a common denominator, you need an application that performs all these tasks at once.

One of the best tools for working with PDF toPDFelement is considered to be the right PDF editor, which not so long ago received a serious upgrade to version 7: new design, new features, while retaining all the old features for which users love this service so much. PDFelement 7 combines many useful features that include editing, creating, converting, annotating, password protection and document signing. It has a convenient and easy-to-use interface, and Microsoft Word users will generally feel at home and should not have any particular problems when learning the functions of the program.

Even the usual PDF editing can becompletely different: for example, if you work in the banking sector and you need to put a watermark on all documents, this can be done with PDFelement. The same applies to accounting and other industries: you can create a PDF from at least a screenshot or a selected area.

It should be noted the possibility of combiningmultiple documents in one pdf file. You open the corresponding mode, drag the necessary files (PDF, pictures and other) into a special window, press the button - and at the output you will receive one large file in PDF format. Or export PDF to the desired format - the same .doc. This can be useful if you want to send someone a few documents for review, but you fear that some of them will be overlooked.

If you need to add to your PDF-fileinteractive elements, you can add built-in forms to it, which can be organized as check boxes, drop-down lists, button, switch or text block. In the application, you can choose how you will then dispose of the received data.

But what’s really useful in PDFelement 7 isThis is an image conversion. Now there is a real trend in digitizing old documents, and many have a headache - to bring this into editable form in PDF format. Modern scanners allow you to scan a couple of hundred documents at once, but then what? And then open the application, select the text recognition utility (OCR) and convert the document to PDF. At the exit, we have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to work with, but also make various edits. You can also edit images and graphs in your files.

No wonder PDF still remains one of the mostpopular formats for the exchange of documents, because it is ergonomic and easy to use. And if you have such a tool at hand, you can work with this format, as with the same .doc or .docx. So, one of our editors recently made a mistake when filling out a visa application form, but with this application I was able to quickly make edits and not enter all the data again. This can even be done on an iOS or Android device, for which a free version of PDFelement is available.

The PDFelement 7 application is available in two versions: trial and paid. To familiarize yourself with the basic functionality and interface of the application, it is recommended that you first download the trial version, and if you like everything, purchase the full version Get the full version of PDFelement now with a 50 percent discount.