Nike will correctly choose the size of shoes with the help of ARKit (5 photos)

Nike made life easier for all those who hate shopping. Appeared application Nike Fit, helping to select the optimal pair of shoes.

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Software developed a startup from Israel, Invertex,specializing in the production of custom orthopedic insoles. The new system with the help of augmented reality ARKit finds out the size of the legs and picks up shoes from the Nike range for a few seconds. This takes into account the anatomical parameters of the user's foot. The sneakers chosen in this way are not only suitable in size, but also ideally comfortable.

The resulting information can be stored inapplication for use when buying a regular pair. You can save the data of friends and relatives, and then buy them shoes without their participation. The application will be available and sellers. It will help them save a lot of time finding the right size for a potential buyer.

To get recommendations from the application you needjust point the camera of the smartphone on its feet and wait a few seconds. Nike Fit will scan your feet and find the best shoes. Then the program will offer several options from company stores.

Mass application launch will take place in the middlenext summer, and starts first in the US. Next, the application will appear in several European countries: France, UK, Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany.

Source: NIKE