Mobile OS Sailfish received an important change (2 photos)

The company "Rostelecom" announced that the EnglishThe name “Sailfish” does not fit their Russian-language product - the domestic mobile operating system. The Russian platform should have a different name with a more promising meaning.

Therefore, from now on, a mobile operating systemSailfish will be called Aurora (in Latin means "dawn", "morning dawn"). This OS has been included in the software registry since 2016, it also received an FSB certificate confirming its safety. The system guarantees a high level of protection against hacking and identity theft.

The operating system received a standard setprograms, including browser, postal service, video player, notepad, clock, text editor, and many others. While Aurora is at the testing stage and is open to offers of cooperation from Russian program developers. The Open Mobile Platform LLC and Votron LLC, which have been part of the telecommunications company Rostelecom group since 2018, are directly developing the OS.