Manage your smartphone without connection

Original smartphone control systemoffer American developers from Columbia University and the firm Snap. The basic smartphone in the proposed scheme is not connected to the control system either physically wired or wirelessly using Bluetooth. To bring the control system in readiness, the smartphone is simply placed in a special case equipped with modular controls, such as wheels, buttons and switches.

The principle of the smartphone control system is based onmeasuring the inertial device of all changes in the position of the device in space. Previously, when a pair of accelerometer and GPS was used, it was necessary to move the smartphone sharply, squeezed in hand in different directions. Now you can just press a button on the case. The monitoring system monitors any microscopic displacement of the smartphone in space, which occurs when you press a button, scroll the wheels, or trigger the switches.

There are several connectors in the case,which are established controls. A special application will connect signals with commands sent to the smartphone. The case and the buttons, wheels and switches installed on it do not require energy costs, they are resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical effects. In this case, all the controls are on the back of the smartphone, which allows you not to overlap the screen of the device with your fingers.

Another advantage of managing a smartphoneThe cover is its simple repair, low price and versatility. The modular design allows you to customize the controls under the individual characteristics of a person, in particular for a left-handed person, and in the cold you can control the gadget without removing gloves.

Source: columbia