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Is it possible to find high-quality acoustics on AliExpress?

Spoiler - yes.

With current prices for portable speakers, sometimesseriously thinking about climbing on the same AliExpress and finding an inexpensive speaker or headphones with good sound. Is it a myth? Actually not, if you know what (and where) to look for; otherwise, you can order some kind of know-name column and then wonder why even the microwave sounds better.

You can find good acoustics on AliExpress. You only need to know where to look

The Chinese have long learned how to make goodheadphones and speakers, which are often not much inferior to analogues in 1.5-2 times more expensive. And now you can find many models with good sound in the range of 5,000 rubles. To find them, we went through AliExpress and stumbled upon the Tronsmart brand. We don’t know what kind of company this is, but the feedback on its devices is very good, and it’s obvious that it’s real.

Tronsmart t2

Take for example the Tronsmart T2 column. This is a solid 20 W portable speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, which boasts hours of battery life and full protection against water in accordance with the IPX7 standard. Moreover, the device can be used not only as a speaker, but also a headset, including for calling a voice assistant.

Tronsmart T2 - small speakers for reasonable money

In fact, the price of 2,300 rubles causesa healthy distrust, but judging by the reviews, her sound is solid, and in most cases, customers praise the powerful bass and battery life. We ordered ourselves to the editorial office for an experiment, well, a very tasty offer is received.

There are enough ports here

Tronsmart t6 plus

And as an alternative to eminent columnsTronsmart T6 Plus can be considered brands: it already has 40 watts of power, convenient control buttons and impressive dimensions. The speaker is also sharpened for bass - there is a deep 3D bass, extra bass and a subwoofer with SoundPulse technology, which evenly distributes low frequencies.

Tronsmart t6 plus

Upstairs cool volume control wheel

The battery life is already shorter (15hours), but the same Bluetooth version 5.0 is responsible for the connection. And she can even charge your iPhone or any other smartphone. This column of reviews has even more (more than 1,000), and the average rating is almost 5 out of 5, which is rare for the Chinese platform. By the way, by November 11, they made good discounts on it, we advise you to watch.

The reviews are very good.

Tronsmart spunky beat

As for the headphones, the closest thing to AirPods isthe concepts turned out to be headphones like the Tronsmart Spunky Beat. But unlike Apple headphones, these have an in-ear design, so they can provide much better noise isolation. Yes, Apple recently released AirPods Pro, but these headphones cost 10 times less.

Headphones look no worse than AirPods Pro

Charging case provides up to 24 hours of operation

Like AirPods, these headphones have a smalla charging case that provides 24 hours of continuous listening to music (the headphones themselves last for 5 hours of battery life). They communicate with the iPhone via Bluetooth (version 5.0 is supported), have two microphones, and replaceable ear pads are included in the kit. The only thing is that they do not communicate as fast as AirPods, but without a special chip that Apple does not give anyone, except Beats, this can not be achieved. Otherwise, a good option in terms of price and quality - reviews on AliExpress are vivid proof of this. Moreover, they cost less than 2,000 rubles.

So sometimes it’s really worth followingyour desire and look for validity on AliExpress. Of course, you shouldn’t believe “90%” discounts, but in fact stores by 11.11 really drop prices, just not so much. Well, do not forget to read real reviews with photos - they are usually the most objective.