In China, opened the camp, where you can feel like the first colonist of Mars

In early 2019, China successfully plantedthe spacecraft "Chang'e-4" on the far side of the moon, and he took a bunch of photos and even conducted a biological experiment. The country still has many ambitious plans to conquer space - for example, at the end of the year it already intends to send the Chang'e-5 apparatus to the Moon, and develop its own rover a year later. People should carefully prepare for such grand missions, so a camp was opened in China where you can feel like one of the first visitors to the Red Planet.

It is located on a remote desert, a little further.Qinghai province. According to representatives of the new park, this is the best place to build it in all of China, because it is more like Mars than other regions. The territory is maximally arid - for the year only 16 millimeters of precipitation fall on it.

The area of ​​the camp is more than 300 squaremeters and consists of an improvised landing site for spacecraft and a closed area for the settlers. The camp with tents accommodates 160 people, and they can be not only scientists, but also ordinary tourists.

The construction of the camp took quite a bit of time -Work on the project was started in 2018. It is known that about $ 22 million was spent on him, and most importantly his goal was to show people what the Martian colonies would look like and how people would have to survive on them.

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