Ilon Mask presented a fantastic new electrofuru Tesla Semi

Ilon Musk is known for his attitude to this world.- he always dreams of more. Tonight he presented the long-awaited Tesla Semi electrofur. Equipped with a massive battery truck is able to pull 36 tons. He can even drive on his own! On the highway at least.

New transport presented by Mask inTesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California - another step in the Mask mission, the goal of which is to make humanity forget about fossil fuels and switch to clean electricity. So it will be if Mask manages to convince the transport industry that it is necessary to move on.

Wagon for work

Musk thinks he can deal with the big guys.- The best way to make a real impact on climate change. In the five years since Tesla began producing the Model S, the company has sold 200,000 cars. In the US, there are about 250 million cars on the roads, so those 200,000 are a drop in the ocean. Even if Tesla can increase the production of the “affordable” Model 3 sedan, it will be a long time before the car manufacturer in Silicon Valley can change the very principles of human movement that rely on fossil fuels.

Trucks are a suitable tool because theyespecially toxic. “Heavy vehicles represent a small part of vehicles on the roads, but take on most of the emissions,” says Jimmy O’Dia, who studies clean vehicles in the Union of concerned scientists. In California, this category accounts for 7% of total vehicles, but 20% of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions and a third of NOx emissions (which are associated with asthma and respiratory diseases).

Any truck that will useelectricity, instead of diesel, will cease to have a negative impact on the planet and everything on it. 18-wheeled monsters are the ultimate evil. While many think and develop electric trucks, Tesla has resources, engineers, and capacities for this. Most importantly, it has the power to attract the attention of the entire automotive industry.

Carbon fiber cabin outsiderepresented by smooth lines. Aerodynamics is important when it comes to saving fuel and counting the number of electrons, and Tesla promises that the Semi will cut through the air more efficiently than even some sports cars.

Take a look at the Semi cab - and you will not havedoubt that Tesla knows how to remake a truck. As in the famous sports car McLaren F1 (Mask had one, until he crashed him while riding with Peter Thiel), the driver's seat is in the center of the cab. Since the truck did not have to be built around a bulky diesel engine, Tesla made the nose of the cabin vertical, and most importantly the seat gave out so far ahead that you could see the ground in front of the vehicle. Above the head are storage boxes; there are also four cup holders.

Cab height is about 220 centimeters, thereforeanyone can stand up. The doors extend from the bottom to the top of the cab, providing easy access. The man behind the wheel gets access to two 15-inch touch screens, one on each side, which provide navigation, work with data and monitor blind spots. The only button in the field of view controls the emergency lights, everything else is done using screens or two levers coming out of the three-spoke steering wheel.

Tesla took care of security. The battery is strengthened so that it does not explode or catch fire; the reinforced windshield should not get dirty or crack, and the onboard sensors will warn possible trailer skids and adjust the power of the individual wheels so that they all go level.

And of course, the truck will get an Enhanced feature.Autopilot, the same autopilot, which will allow him to drive on the highway independently, staying on his own lane and at a safe distance from neighboring cars. Radars are built into the front of the car, cameras are everywhere.

Battery - the size of which Tesla does not disclose -The space is about one and a half meters high and extends from the front wheels to the second pair. Behind the cab are four electric motors, the same as in Model 3, two for each axle. The EPA documents found that a single Model 3 engine generates 258 horsepower, which gives Semi 1032 liters. s., twice as much as most diesel trucks of this size. But in trucks, torque is important - and here Tesla also does not disclose data - and electric motors become champions when it comes to acceleration from scratch.

Work for the truck

And everything is great, but you still need to sell the maskthis thing. And while sales were never a problem for him (after all, half a million people reserved Model 3, and thousands ordered it before they saw the prototype, specifications, or found out the final price), truckers are a problematic audience. Many companies are open to new solutions, says Ann Goodchild of the Center for Supply Chain and Logistics at the University of Washington. But they do not like to experiment. “Few people dare to experiment with this in their daily work,” she says.

They do not like new items, they do not pursue the slope. They take care of the full cost of ownership, which includes everything from the initial cost to fuel, maintenance and downtime. “We have to provide a product that essentially allows them to make money,” says Darren Gosby from Navistar, which produces trucks and buses.

Tesla should have cost advantagefor fuel (electricity is always cheaper than dinosaur juice) and maintenance, but downtime can be a problem. Musk can promise a charger that can quickly reanimate a battery, but this kind of fast recharging requires specialized infrastructure. Even if Musk can create these stations, build them throughout the country and make several routes workable, drivers will spend more time stopping than on a diesel run, and this is not profitable.

Perhaps the biggest issue is howTesla harnesses long-haul crossings. Speaking of electric tractors, Gosby notes that “the worst option is to collect 100 km / h and just drive.” Moving across states across the country will require an expansion of infrastructure, and a cruise trip spoils the advantage you get from regenerative braking.

"The best is the transport that is nottravels long distances and has a lot of maneuvers with a stop, ”says Gosby. That is, trucks that travel in cities, delivering and transporting. They will have pluses: they do not drive too far, they can be charged in the same place every night, they constantly slow down, due to which energy can be replenished, and diesel trucks in cities simply spoil the air.


Just a second, you say. We all observe the adventures of Ilon with interest and everyone has a question: how can this person think that now, right now, is the best time to produce a completely new type of vehicle? The production of the Model 3 — a $ 35,000 sedan that marks Tesla’s attempt to become a true automaker — is several months behind the schedule. In recent months, the company's shares have sunk, and in the courts Tesla representatives are waiting with explanations of the alleged problems of sexism and racism in the company.

Maybe it will not find. But it is unlikely to stop the Mask in its vigorous activity. It is this person who is trying to relocate mankind to Mars, building reusable rockets, trying to prevent an apocalypse with robots, destroying traffic jams, digging tunnels, and also plans to launch people into a bob through a super sound tube. And damn it all at once. Just think, a couple of trucks to put on the conveyor.

Want to know his secret?