Huawei made photos in low light ideal (6 photos)

The journalist of the Internet resource The Verge Vlad Savovon its page on the social network Facebook tirelessly publishes shots created by the main camera of the flagship smartphone Huawei P30 Pro in poor or absent lighting. He is convinced that the quality of shooting from a beginner is superior to the work of the night vision feature of Google Pixel 3, which has been talked about so much. According to him, the photo strip on a smartphone has risen to a new height. Shooting in bad conditions was not difficult, but just fun.

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"Magic mode" Night Sight allows you to makeA beautiful photo in the dark, if the gadget does not shake for about 6 seconds. The early flagships of Huawei had a similar mode for night shooting, but now it is no longer needed. Huawei P30 Pro in the dark is more effective than Google's Night Sight. And while it does not need a long exposure.

Vlad presented as an example the shooting,made in the dark. It is noticeable that Huawei has surpassed a competitor in the efficiency of the details. The dark photo reflects the result of the standard Pixel 3 mode. But the P30 Pro from Huawei and Pixel 3 in the basic shooting mode show different results. Perhaps the image of the P30 Pro will suffer greatly from noise cancellation. However, the overall impression of the space this device will give better.

As the author of the analysis noted, the P30 Pro will winnot every comparison with the Night Sight mode in Google Pixel. So, when working on the street, the difference between gadgets is small. But the device from Huawei needs one instant of stillness per frame, and the Google Pixel takes 6 seconds.

The flagship confidence of Huawei rises withby reducing the light in the frame, where only the outlines are visible to the naked eye, the smartphone works as in daylight. The ToF-sensor provides a focusing speed that can surprise even the owners of SLR cameras.