Galaxy S10 + and iPhone Xs Max passed the double drop test (2 pics + video)

The last year the body of the prevailing majorityflagship glass smartphones. And although manufacturers claim that the surfaces are endowed with special panels with protective functions that save devices from cracks and damage as a result of falling onto a hard surface, users have the ability to doubt the manufacturer’s statements. And for good reason. The experimenters from PhoneBuff tested the strength of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. For comparison, he was taken in a couple of Apple iPhone Xs Max.

A couple of smartphones were selected not only by the cost,power and internal stuffing, but also on external protection. Samsung has equipped its flagship with Gorilla Glass 6 on both sides. According to the manufacturer, it is many times stronger than its fifth-generation predecessor. iPhone Xs Max also has a protective glass, but the brand and its parameters are not specified by the manufacturer. Apple only noted that their glass is the most durable and durable.

The first stage of testing won the iPhone XsMax. Falling from a moderate height to the back panel, he only acquired several cracks. But the Galaxy S10 + even had spiderwebs. Next, the flagship dropped from a small height at an angle. Both smartphones adequately stood the test, having received only moderate abrasions and scratches on the cases. When they dropped the display down, both screens crashed. True, the Galaxy S10 + received more damage. He continued to function, however, with interruptions in the subscreen fingerprint scanner. In the final, the devices were thrown, as they say, “until the last breath”. iPhone Xs Max "exhausted" after three falls. And the working condition of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has been preserved after 10 drops.

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So, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is less strong thanThe iPhone Xs Max, however, is more tenacious. But the on-screen gadget scanner requires careful treatment, especially since the Galaxy S10 + face recognition function is completely unreliable.

PhoneBuff experts rated Samsung's flagship34 points out of 40, and the iPhone - 36 points. In the overall rankings, they were in 10 and 8 places, respectively. Curiously, the top three included iPhone 8, Galaxy S9 + and iPhone X.