Concept Vivo APEX - a new version of the on-screen fingerprint scanner, retractable selfie camera and maximum compactness for future Vivo smartphones

Vivo collected the most promising developments and presented a hodgepodge of them as an APEX FullView concept background.

At the MWC-2018 exhibition, where the Vivo APEX was shownalive, it was argued that he would never see the counters himself. This is a showcase of the latest advances in design thought, such a way to show exactly which chips will appear in Vivo devices in the near future. It cannot be ruled out that sooner or later everything that is shown on the example of the Vivo APEX will be implemented within the framework of one model, but this will obviously not happen tomorrow.

What is vivo APEX? This is truly a full-sized screen - the fields, that is, but they cannot be considered as such. On the sides and on the top - 1.8 mm, from the bottom - 4 mm, a total of 8.9% of the front surface was accumulated, the screen was not occupied. Thus, a device with a 6-inch screen has dimensions of 142.1 x71.75 mm. Unprecedentedly compact device.

At the same time, the screen surface and spoil any cuts. There is simply no front camera on it. Nevertheless, this does not mean that she was abandoned completely - she is there, but retractable. The module smoothly leaves the upper end when you touch the switch icon on the front-end in the camera application. You can come up with some other way of activation, but at least provide a separate button - it does not matter, it’s just a concept.

It did not go without a built-in scanner screenprints. Only now it is a small size scanner not hidden under glass, but a good half of the screen area to which you can press a finger without looking.

An additional touch is the ability to use two fingers simultaneously to unlock access. So the level of protection can be raised to a similar bank - if it will be the fingers of different people.

It is curious that only a week has passed, and the apparatusstill-announced as a device that will be officially released in the middle of the year. The existing features, such as the technologies described above and the 6-inch fullHD + screen, added the promise of the Snapdragon 845 chipset, a thickness of 7.8 mm and support for the Super HDR function to create the most saturated photos.

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Tatyana Kobelskaya