City mini electric car with a power reserve of 150 km will cost $ 10,000 (14 photos)

Electric cars are becoming increasinglypopular and convenient for use in urban environments. In addition, environmentalists and city / region / country authorities are tightening control over internal combustion engines. For example, in the center of London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone was created, where financial restrictions are imposed on such cars and strict parameters of emissions of harmful substances are established.

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Startup Siticars came to the aid of citizens andoffered a convenient and compact 2-seater city car with an electric motor. Siticars Me is available in three versions: standard passenger, in the form of a pickup truck and a minivan. Thus, the car can be used as a vehicle for running a small business. Siticars Me has a 10 hp electric motor. and a 10 kWh battery (Li-ion or acid). The power reserve on one charge of an electric car is limited to 150 km, and the maximum speed does not exceed 78 km / h. For a full battery charge the driver will need from 4 to 6 hours.

Siticars Me received a certificate for driving bycity, but not on the highway, in view of low speed, it is forbidden for him to ride out. Overall dimensions of Siticars Me are 2245 x 1290 x 1570 mm (wheelbase is 1500 mm, ground clearance is 150 mm), weight is 518 kg. An additional convenience is the fact that one standard parking space accommodates three such electric vehicles.

Siticars Me price ranges from 10 350 to 14 900dollars depending on the modification and configuration, the basic version of which includes: air conditioning, LED-lights, rear-view camera, electric tailgate, Bluetooth and a panoramic roof. You can order Siticars Me in May. Now there are 50 such cars produced per month, but the production capacity allows us to increase production up to 1,000 units.