Artificial intelligence uncovered the killing by looking at the victim’s face

What you read now is not a scripta horror film, but a frightening and at the same time amazing reality. In a recent article about a neural network to turn emojis into real photos, we wrote that today, artificial intelligence is used in almost every mobile application. Services for managing bank accounts are no exception and in some of them neural networks are used for face recognition. Recently, a terrible incident occurred in China - a man killed a woman and tried to take hold of her bank account by logging in showing her blue face on the camera.

Face recognition systems are used in many mobile applications.

First, it's worth talking about the motives.crime. According to police from the Fujian province of China, on the evening of April 11, a man named Zhang had a falling out with his girlfriend. The reason for the quarrel turned out to be money and it came to the point that in a fit of anger the man strangled his beloved. Subsequently, he took her smartphone and launched the Money Station banking application to steal $ 4,200 from her account, which caused a quarrel.

Face Recognition System in Applications

Feature of the application used by the womanis that for authorization you need to look at the smartphone’s camera. The man was not taken aback and showed on the camera the blue face of his victim. He was probably very surprised, because the application did not work - for successful authorization in the application, you need to wink, and the dead woman's face was motionless.

Mandatory reading: How does the face recognition system work?

This is where the fun began. Recognizing the woman's motionless face, artificial intelligence sounded the alarm and gave a signal to the bank staff to look at her face on their own. Bank employees noticed that there were bruises on her and a strange mark on her neck, similar to the one left from suffocation. It became clear to them that a woman needed to be found by geolocation.

Artificial Intelligence Reveals Crime

They succeeded - the police sat on the trail of the killerand caught him at that moment when he was trying to burn the woman’s body. Subsequently, it turned out that in addition to trying to steal money, the man tried to cover his tracks. In particular, using a smartphone, he wrote to the woman’s employer and requested a vacation on her behalf. He also told the victim's parents that she was going on vacation.

A man sent messages via WeChat - almost the main messenger in China

At the moment, they are going to judge a man, butthe date of the start of the proceedings is still unknown. The killer must be facing a decent prison sentence, but we will not know the verdict soon. According to statistics, in China every year thousands of intentional murders are committed. In 2016, for example, 8634 murders were committed, but the described case is perhaps the first of its kind. Indeed, do you know another case when artificial intelligence uncovered a crime by looking at the dead face of a murder victim?

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However, there is a case when artificialintelligence has become a tool for committing a crime. In June 2019, we talked about how an unknown hacker used a portrait of a girl created by artificial intelligence to spy on dignitaries through the LinkedIn social network. Among the victims of the hacker was even the former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States Donald Trump.