Amazon will launch rival Apple AirPods with Alexa support (4 photos)

Competition in the use of wirelessautonomous devices is gaining momentum. Amazon, inspired by Apple's recently released updated AirPods headphones, has begun to develop its own similar device, Amazon Buds, which also works with Alexa voice assistant. Headphones from Amazon should be presented in the first half of 2019.

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Lab126 developers saythat the purpose of the project is to further develop Alexa. From the point of view of the e-commerce giant, such headphones, in conjunction with a voice assistant, will be able to significantly simplify the ordering process in the company's online store. You can just say: "Alexa, order shampoo and cat food."

Similar to the Echo speakers, the headphones willSimplified access to streaming music and Amazon audiobooks, as well as third-party services that provide news, weather and other information. Creating Amazon Buds headphones will expand the ecosystem of devices that support Alexa, which, in turn, will be an incentive to make more purchases at Amazon.

According to available information, Amazon Buds will be in-channel with touch buttons on the case to control music, high-quality sound and a complete charging case.