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“Zadira” and “Peresvet”: the capabilities of Russian laser weapons

Military experts are increasingly talking about the approachera of weapons with new physical principles. And it's hard to argue with this, since such weapons are gradually becoming the basis of high-tech armies. We have already said that kinetic weapons are being actively developed and tested, which have great prospects. But today we will talk about weapons that are not just being developed, but are already being successfully used - these are new-generation combat laser systems. In Russia, the Peresvet complex is already in service, which is supplied in series. And recently, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, on the air of Channel One, said that the first samples of the Zadira complexes were tested in real combat conditions. Next, find out what this weapon is, for what purposes it is intended and what capabilities it has.

Russian combat laser systems have already shown their effectiveness


  • 1 Laser complex “Peresvet”
    • 1.1 The history of the development of the complex "Peresvet"
    • 1.2 Disadvantages of the Peresvet complex
  • 2 Laser complex “Zadira”
    • 2.1 Soviet laser weapons
  • 3 Laser weapons in other countries

Laser complex “Peresvet”

First of all, we note that information aboutmodern weapons is classified. However, some data is still publicly available. In particular, it is known that the Peresvet complex is intended primarily for solving the problems of air defense and anti-missile defense.

According to Yuri Borisov, this complexis an important element of a layered air defense system designed to combat high-precision weapons systems equipped with optoelectronic homing heads in the final flight segment. Such, for example, are American cruise missiles.

The operating principle of the installation is based onillumination and disabling of optical systems by a powerful laser beam. For example, when a missile with a homing head enters a target, it compares the map data it has with the features of the terrain, and then aims at the target. If at this moment it is blinded, then targeting will not occur, in fact, the missile will be disabled.

Laser complex "Peresvet" can be used as an element of air defense systems

Also, according to experts, Peresvet mayused to mask the launch positions of intercontinental ballistic missiles. In addition, the installation can be effective in the fight against drones.

Moreover, “Peresvet” is capable of blinding evenmilitary satellite reconnaissance systems located in orbits up to 1500 km. In 2018, the United States even accused Russia of launching fighter satellites with laser weapons into orbit. However, there is no reliable information about this.

The history of the development of the complex "Peresvet"

About the development of combat laser systems muchless information than, for example, about other modern weapons - drones, drones "Hunter" or "Altius". The existence of a modern laser system became known after it was announced by President Vladimir Putin during a message to the Federal Assembly in 2018.

In the same year, by voting, this weaponwas given the name "Peresvet". However, the complex began to enter service with the army even earlier - in 2017. Therefore, in December 2018, he was already on combat duty. According to some information, for the first time the complex was used during the military conflict in Syria.

Laser weapons require a lot of energy

Disadvantages of the complex "Peresvet"

According to some experts, the effectivenesscomplex "Peresvet" depends on the weather conditions. In clear weather, it shows high efficiency and is a reliable means of combating drones. However, fog, rain, snow and other adverse weather conditions interfere with the passage of the laser beam.

Another disadvantage that applies to all laser systems is the consumption of a large amount of energy. Therefore, with their use as a portable weapon, difficulties arise.

Laser complex “Zadira”

Laser complex "Zadira" - even moremodern weapons that can be called the sword of the XXI century. Yes, yes, you heard right, because the “Badass”, unlike the “Relight”, does not just blind with a beam, but strikes like a lightsaber from Star Wars. For obvious reasons, there is even less information about this weapon.

The Zadira laser complex is capable of destroying UAVs with the thermal energy of a laser beam

The Zadira complex is also effectivemeans of combating enemy drones. It can hit aircraft from a distance of up to 5 km. During the tests, a drone hit from such a distance burned out within five seconds.

Unlike Peresvet, the Zadira complex is stillis not mass-produced and is not in service with the Russian army. However, the first samples of such weapons have already been used in real combat conditions in Ukraine.

Soviet laser weapons

Those who think that laser systems area unique ultra-modern weapon, we dare to upset. Back in the 80s, the USSR successfully tested and even began to produce shipboard laser systems. In addition, more than a dozen installations were issued to the ground forces. They received the names - "Compression", "Stiletto" and "Sanguine".

Moreover, some of the installations also hit targetsthermal energy. For example, in air defense systems, the laser heated the body of the rocket, as a result of which it self-destructed. In the late 80s, the Sokol-Echelon system was created on the basis of the Il-76 aircraft, designed to combat satellites.

Israeli laser weapon "Iron Beam" is capable of shooting down any flying objects

Laser weapons in other countries

When it comes to laser weapons, you canto say with confidence - “there are analogues”. For example, the United States has not only stationary laser systems, but also portable lasers. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military is known to have used GLARE MOUT Plus. lasers, which are attached to automatic rifles. They temporarily damage the retina of the enemy's eye, as a result of which they reduce losses in manpower.

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It is known that US laser systems alsoplan to equip fighters to counter surveillance systems, as well as destroy missiles and aircraft. Innovative laser weapons have also been created in Israel. It detects missiles using radar, after which the laser installation starts tracking the target, selects the aiming point, after which it delays the laser beam. This results in the destruction of the target. It is impossible to dodge such a laser beam.

Israeli systems are already in service with the air defense and missile defense forces. Japan, France, Turkey, China and some other countries also have their own laser weapons.