Zach Nelson disassembled OnePlus 9 Pro and was satisfied (video)

Not even two weeks have passed since the toughtests of the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone by the well-known expert and YouTube author of the JerryRigEverything channel Zach Nelson. The smartphone passed the strength tests with honor and, according to the expert, has earned the right to be called the flagship. Nonetheless, Zack decided to continue his research on the model and did a complete disassembly and reassembly of the OnePlus 9 Pro to study maintainability, quick charge performance and the quality of assembly of the device parts.

Immediately after dismantling the back of Nelsondiscovered a heat dissipation system with an innovative evaporation chamber. Thermal paste also contributes to the cooling efficiency. The expert pointed out that the use of an ultra-thin LTPO display in the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone will also provide an additional outflow of excess heat. In the course of further dismantling of the parts, Zak noted the compact dimensions of the fingerprint sensor installed under the screen.

Fast charging technology testing fordual 4500 mAh battery also satisfied Nelson. According to the manufacturer's specs, the OnePlus 9 Pro Fast Charge will recharge from 0-100% in just 29 minutes. The expert started recharging at 1% power and it took him only 27 minutes and 30 seconds to fully charge.

Of particular interest to Nelson was the use insmartphone OnePlus 9 Pro cameras created in cooperation with Hasselblad, which sent cameras to the moon with the Apollo 11 mission. Having disassembled the main camera module, Nelson noted the presence of optical stabilization for the 48MP main sensor and an 8MP telephoto lens. At the same time, the ultra-wide-angle 50 megapixel sensor did not receive such a function.

One of the main advantages of the OnePlus 9 Pro, according toNelson's opinion is minimal use of glue, instead of using connectors or screws. All this makes it easier to repair or upgrade the device. It is noteworthy that after the reassembly, the expert was left with "extra" parts, but the smartphone functioned perfectly well without them.