"Yulmart" will offer smartphones from China

Shelf sites offering Russianbuyers goods directly from the Chinese market, arrived. Retailer "Yulmart" opened on its website a showcase, which presents the proposals of sellers from China. In particular, there is a section dedicated to smartphones.

On the goods there is a mark “Goods from China” so that there is no confusion.

The buyer makes a deal directly withChinese seller, the task of “Ulmart” is to provide an interface, no more. Delivery promised free to all regions of the presence of "Yulmart." While the project is in the run-in stage, the delivery time is estimated at a couple of weeks, in the future it is planned to be reduced to one.

It is assumed that the prices of such goods will be on average 15% lower than the main range of the store.

Tatyana Kobelskaya