Youtubers have proven the ability to shoot from a rifle with a barrel bent almost 180 degrees (video)

Amazing experiment previously shown onlyin cartoons with Bugs Bunny, was hosted by YouTube enthusiasts from the DemolitionRanch channel. Youtubers have demonstrated the ability to fire a rifle with a fully bent barrel back.

Earlier barrel shooting experimentbent by 90 degrees, conducted by the authors of the MythBusters show on Discovery. However, now the enthusiasts have gone even further and bent the barrel 180 degrees, bringing it into the line of fire, aimed at the scope of the rifle itself.

The video shows that for security purposes there wasa simple remote firing system is used. As a result of the test, the bullet did not penetrate the bent part of the barrel, as the experimenters assumed, but, having changed the trajectory, flew out of the barrel in the opposite direction and destroyed the sight.

The main condition for a successful experimentis the correct process of bending the trunk. As with any pipe, the barrel should be bent using a special technology and preheating so as not to change the internal dimensions and preserve the ability of the bullet to change its trajectory and fly out of the barrel in a given direction.

source: gizmodo