YouTube will remove the video about flat Earth and reptiloids from the list of recommendations

The system of recommendations based on machine learningThere is almost every service. It helps people read articles, listen to music, and watch videos that interest them the most. Google has been making changes to the YouTube recommendation algorithm for several years now and is not going to stop. The developers have already reduced the number of recommendations with click-headers, and now they intend to clear the tape of video on conspiracy topics.

In 2019, YouTube users will be less likelystumble upon a video about flat-earth theories, miracle cures that heal any illnesses and “revelations” of high-profile catastrophes like the September 11 attacks. It is noteworthy that these videos make up only 1% of the total content of the service, but developers are confident that users will still feel the difference in the quality of recommendations.

Hiding a video from the list of recommendations, of course,does not mean removing the video from the search results. The company supports freedom of speech and does not delete videos that comply with the rules of service - conspiracy theories can find videos of interest in the search or see the recommendations of the relevant channels.

The updated recommendation system will bedeploy gradually, and at first only a limited number of US users will receive it. As soon as the system shows its effectiveness, the update will affect more countries.

Google is very interested inYouTube satisfied all user requests and was available in all countries of the world. For developing regions with slow Internet, the company even released a special YouTube Go client that allows you to save video to your device’s memory.

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