YouTube showed a homemade Playstation 5 slim: the thickness of the device is only 20mm

DIY Perk YouTube channel creator Matthew Perks has created a smaller version of the Playstation 5 video game console.

The final thickness of the slim version is only 20mm, while the original is an impressive 104mm.

To install the filling of the console in such a thincase, from the Playstation 5 I had to throw out all the details, except for the motherboard. However, this was not the end of the job, because what's the point of a game console that won't work?

The case itself for better cooling is made ofcopper sheets, and Perks attached a water cooling system to it, and also attached a power supply. Naturally, both cooling and power are taken out of the case, and they can be hidden under the table.

The most interesting thing is that the final version turned out to be much colder than the original. If in a regular console the temperature during the game reaches from 71 to 95 degrees, then in the Perks version from 44 to 52.