YouTube protects users from hate speech

The Internet is gradually becoming one of the mostpopular means for public communication through special platforms, including YouTube, the world leader in video broadcasting. An anonymous method of commentary is a formidable but double-edged weapon that carries both positive and negative consequences.

New YouTube policy will reduce impactnegative statements, comments calling for violence or simply insulting the participants. Both channel owners (from the termination of monetization to complete blocking) and ordinary users who allow hostile, discriminatory or false statements under anonymous nicknames can be punished.

Pre-moderation of all comments forchannel owners will automatically block insults, threats and discriminatory statements. Also, video content in which there will be similar signs will be blocked. The new editorial policy includes several measures to curb aggression and misinformation on the YouTube platform. This is a temporary suspension, termination of monetization or a complete blocking of the channel or account.

Particular attention will be paid to the so-called"Trolls" who allow rude comments calling for violence or carrying hidden threats. Inappropriate comments can block the troll. By the end of 2019, channel owners will be equipped with a tool to check comments and remove aggressive and misinforming statements.

Among experts, users and ownersYouTube channel innovation is controversial. Along with reducing the degree of aggression and lies on the platform, such rules can be suspected of wanting to introduce a kind of censorship and an attack on freedom of speech.

Source: wccftech