YouTube in Russia may be blocked forever

YouTube video service faces perpetual blocking onRussian territory, in the event that a lawsuit filed with the Moscow City Court by the Russian company Ontarget is satisfied. In this case, the popular service will be permanently closed to users from Russia.
Ontarget specializes in developmenttests to evaluate staff. According to the statement of the head of the Russian company, Svetlana Simonenko, numerous videos were discovered on the YouTube service, on which applicants are invited to fraudulently pass testing.

YouTube owned by Googleearlier, in 2018, he had already lost one of Ontarget's claims for a similar claim. Now, in the event of a repeated loss, according to Russian anti-piracy legislation, YouTube can be forever blocked in Russia. The Moscow City Court will consider the lawsuit on June 5.

Last December, YouTube and Yandex.Video ”was already in danger of being blocked forever due to copyright infringement. Then the lawsuit against the companies was brought by Eksmo Publishing House.

Source: Lenta