Your Face on the Ghostbuster: What Hasbro Offers

Ever wanted to be part of a team of Power Rangers or Ghostbusters? Hasbro toy manufacturers are ready to at least partially realize your dream.

A world-famous toy manufacturer has teamed up with 3D printing company Formlabs.

The company offers customers to take a series of selfiesyour face to your phone, and then get a figurine of your favorite character with your face. So far, you can feel like a Power Ranger, a ghost hunter, a Green Eye. And you can also become a part of a number of old franchises.

Thus, Hasbro is trying to get out of the crisis.The company is already collaborating with Sennheiser to make 3D printed headphones, molds for jewelry, parts for ventilators, and parts for dental implants. In addition, the company is working with Gilett to create custom shaving handles.

Idea with the production of toys with customers' facescame to the company shortly before one of the Comic Con. Then at the stand they offered the guests of the fest to create a figurine with their own face, and as a result, the idea came to many guests.

To order your portrait on a figurine,you need to download a special application, wait for your turn, scan the head, and then pay $60 for a figurine with your own face. Currently, however, this can only be done in the United States. However, maybe someday it will reach our latitudes.