Youdao Memobird G4 - the new pocket printer from Xiaomi (6 photos)

Xiaomi introduced a new portableprinter on its crowdfunding site. The purpose of Youdao Memobird G4 is the quick printing of pictures from a smartphone. The device connects via Bluetooth and works with a special mobile application.

The technology of black and white thermal printing is applied. That is, cartridges do not need refueling. It is enough to remember the timely replacement of paper rolls. It is assumed that printing on Youdao Memobird G4 will be mainly different notes, reminders, sketches and other text information. Although the photo can also be printed. With a resolution of 306 dpi, the images will be quite decent.

Dimensions of the novelty - 86.8 x 79.3 x 39 millimeters,weight - 165 grams. This cargo will be imperceptible not only in the bag, but also in the pocket. The built-in battery capacity is 900 mAh. This is enough for continuous printing on eight rolls. The device is charged in two hours via the microUSB port.

At the manufacturer’s crowdfunding, the Youdao Memobird G4 printer can be pre-ordered for 299 yuan, or 2800 rubles at the current exchange rate.

Source / buy: xiaomiyoupin