You haven’t seen this before: crazy first-person shoots

I think no one will argue with what is nowyou won’t surprise anyone. Extreme sportsmen learned to shoot the coolest stunts in the first person, climbers and travelers show the highest peaks of the world, modelers fixed cameras on literally everything that moves in the three-dimensional space of our world. We saw everything from the earth, from the air and from under the water. What could be the next step? We found several videos that simply stagger the imagination and make you think about the reality of what is happening on the screen. However, it is a reality!


  • 1 What to surprise on YouTube
  • 2 Beautiful YouTube videos
  • 3 What is an FPV copter
  • 4 How to shoot beautiful videos from the drone
  • 5 What you need to shoot video from the copter

What to surprise on YouTube

Before I start the story, remember that inlast time really surprised you from what you saw? To simplify the task, I will not even limit the circle only to YouTube and other similar sites.

I think that it will be difficult to answer right away. Even filmmakers can no longer come up with something really amazing. Everything follows the path of evolution, but not revolution. The quality of the picture is growing, small new tricks are appearing, but that's all.

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This is very frustrating and leaves only hope for the appearance of a video that will make us open our mouths, stick on it and forget about the rewind button. At least for a time equal to the length of this video.

Beautiful YouTube videos

Not so long ago appeared in our working chatthe video that made me get closer to the state described above. Everyone to whom I showed this video agreed with me, after which they reviewed more than one such video.

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Speaking in a very broad sense, this is commonvideo from the copter, to which we are all accustomed, with one small but important exception. The clips were not shot on an ordinary, albeit a good copter, but on a sporty little FPV copter.

What is an FPV copter

The definition of FPV copter technology lies in the very name of this type of aircraft. FPV is an abbreviation that stands for First Person View.

There are a lot of copters working in this format, from inexpensive models with low signal and picture quality flying several tens of meters to professional solutions.

One of the main selection criteria should bethe frequency at which the machine is controlled and the type of signal. The simplest and lowest-quality option is to transmit at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. If you use the control at this frequency, the transmitted picture will be of poor quality, and the signal will go with a delay. In addition, airborne interference due to congestion in the range can interfere with the control of the copter or even completely lose control over it.

In more expensive and professional modelsThe frequencies used are 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 1.3 GHz and 5.8 GHz. They are not so overloaded and allow you to control the copter more accurately, with minimal delay and at a greater distance. Of course, even the frequency of 5.8 GHz will not allow the pilot to see the picture of ideal quality, but this is not necessary. Instead, he pretends to be sitting inside the cockpit booth and operating it directly without delay. The camera will record a good picture on its drive, and the pilot will then download it. In addition, you should not shell out for cool video transmission systems. After the accident, which happen often, they will be very sorry.
An example of what the pilot sees during the flight:

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Additionally, as a security measure,low quality video is recorded on the memory card in the pilot's glasses. This is done to facilitate the search for a copter in the event of an accident or emergency landing. In addition to emergency situations, a shortage of energy can also lead to an emergency landing. Racing drones fly just a few minutes (2-5 minutes), so you need to shoot quickly and do not forget to control the total flight time.

How to shoot beautiful videos from the drone

For shooting videos that inspiredwriting this text, standard copters like DJI Phantom will not work. They are too bulky and needed for another. Their tasks are to shoot a high-quality picture at a distance from the operator and simply produce good video from the air.

To shoot something more interesting, you don’t need toonly possess a professional sports quadrocopter, but also be able to manage it. A sports apparatus is needed precisely because it has a small size, high speed and no less high maneuverability. Only he can carry the camera in such a way that the viewer will be breathtaking. A good pilot is needed so that the first flight does not become the last. A great example would be the following video, where the drone flies between the trees as if the video were not shot, but drawn.

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It is because of the need for skillssports piloting, a good reaction and a sense of quadrocopter, the authors of such videos are former or current participants in racing on drones. The fact is that racing drones do not have any stabilization systems. If you release the sticks, it just falls. Therefore, constant monitoring is needed over the device and a lot of time must be spent on training. Literally several dozen people in the world can shoot such videos and do not underestimate the complexity of such flights.

There is no doubt that the appearance of suchfantastic videos, which are becoming more and more, will gradually pour into a whole new direction of shooting. Filming from copters at competitions looks at one go, but the idea of ​​combining this area with shooting action scenes, without exaggeration, is a new word in the development of the industry.

What you need to shoot video from the copter

In order to shoot the video that we are talking about today, in addition to desire and basic skills, you need three things:

  • sports quadrocopter
  • FPV glasses
  • good action camera

There are no questions on the second point. Points are needed for greater control and the conditional presence of the pilot in the thick of things. With the camera, everything is also more or less clear. She needed for a really good picture. You can use the cameras installed in the copters themselves, but ready-made solutions from market leaders, such as GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition or DJI OSMO Action, will still shoot better. It remains only to fix the camera on the body.

But what to do with the copter? If you have absolutely no experience with such aircraft, you can try from the very beginning and opt for low-cost models for several thousand rubles. They can be bought already assembled or as a kit with detailed assembly instructions.

True, in this case, one must understand that suchthe copter is enough for a short time, and very soon you will want to change it for something more advanced. You can immediately buy something better, but in this case you need to be prepared that the device can break for several tens of thousands of rubles, dragging a camera behind you.

Before buying any copter or otheraircraft models must remember the golden rule! If you buy a quadrocopter, take the model that you do not mind losing. The flight should bring joy, and not be filled with thoughts about how not to break too expensive equipment.

In the end, it remains only to add what the copter consists of, which will allow such a survey. Among the main components will be:

  • Frame (usually carbon)
  • 4 motors
  • 4 speed controllers (give commands to motors and current)
  • Fpv camera (for control)
  • Good quality action camera (for main video)
  • Video transmitter
  • Remote control receiver
  • Control board (electronic brains)
  • 2.4 GHz antenna for remote control
  • 5.8 GHz antenna for video transmission

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