You can transfer data from the brain to the computer through the veins

Scientists are actively developing interfaces fordata transfer from the brain to the computer, and they all have a huge minus - the implementation is carried out by an open operation. The technology allows paralyzed people to communicate using a computer, but surgery can cause seizures and strokes. To solve this problem, Synchron developed a Stentrode brain implant that can be carried to the brain through the inner part of the veins that carry blood from the neck and head. This approach eliminates the need for surgery.

The implantable device is proposed to bring tobrain through the jugular vein. Implantation in tissue, according to the calculations of researchers, takes about two weeks, and does not harm the body of people - this was found out during animal testing. Most recently, the company received permission to conduct tests on people - the device will be tested on five patients with impaired mouth and hands. According to Synchron's CEO Thomas Oxley, it took several weeks to select the right people.

Before trials, patients will have to undergoa thorough examination, during which researchers will study the structure of their brain. Before implanting in the form of a medical stent, it is necessary to make sure that the blood vessels of the volunteers are in good enough shape and can withstand the presence of a foreign object.

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Also, volunteers will have to hardtrain to learn how to control a computer with your thoughts. Ideally, the company wants to ensure that paralyzed people can type text with their thoughts as quickly and easily as messages on a smartphone.

Technology implies constant trackingpeople's brain activity, which is why their privacy is at risk. The company says that it will not use and transmit this data for other purposes - in the contract, patients give permission to conduct the experiment, and not to process information.

This does not mean that the interface will notused for other purposes. Researchers believe that by inserting an implant into the brain, you can create exoskeletons and robot avatars that instantly execute human commands.

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