You can transfer data between the brain and the PC via human veins (4 photos + video)

The interaction of the machine and man over timewill reach a new level. New interfaces will make it more efficient and easier. We can even control the computer with the power of thought. And these are not fantasies, but quite real ideas.

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Synchron engineers are already thinking about transferringdata for veins. Through blood vessels, a special Stentrode implant can be delivered to the brain - the basis of the neural interface. It is important that it will be introduced without surgical intervention. Soon the development should be tested on volunteers willing to help science. So far, it has been reported that it will take 2 weeks to implant into the body. For this purpose, the artery vein with the most intensive blood flow is used. Each subject is carefully examined. And the project will attract only those whose vessels do not cause questions for researchers.

When the implant reaches its goal, the researcherswill begin serious training. With their help, test participants must learn to drive a car with the power of thought. The idea is attractive, but there are doubts about its correctness. So, patient confidentiality can be violated, because there is a risk of tracking all their thoughts. However, scientists assure that they have found a solution to this problem. And in the success of your business no doubt.