You can now monitor the spread of coronavirus in real time on Yandex.Maps

The rapid development of the coronavirus epidemicCOVID-19, which is actively distributed in Europe, requires raising awareness among citizens. It has become possible to provide Russians with additional information and quickly communicate news regarding the development of the pandemic situation with the new Yandex.Maps service, which provides information not only about Russia, but also about the countries of the world.

Service Information Base Yandex maps updated with information fromRospotrebnadzor and American Johns Hopkins University. The new Yandex function will allow you to estimate the number of patients who have recovered and died from the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19 pneumonia) in selected regions of Russia, the country as a whole, as well as obtain similar data for foreign countries.

Also, users can use the thematic link to visit a special information resource providing up-to-date information about COVID-19, introducing the opinions and recommendations of specialists.

As of the morning of March 17 in Russia93 cases were registered with 8 recovered. The disease spreads in the suburbs (three people), one patient was identified in the Tyumen region. Also, sick foreigners are registered in the Russian Federation, among whom a resident of Venezuela who has arrived from Spain has been identified. Information on the development of the epidemic is changing continuously, on the morning of March 17, 182,405 people were already sick in the world, 7,154 died, and 79,433 people recovered.

Source: iz