You can now install pirated applications on the iPhone running iOS 14.5

To jailbreak iPhone smartphones withthe updated iOS 14.5 operating system uses the latest version of Checkra1n, which received the update 0.12.3. In addition, the modification of the jailbreak tool fixed some bugs in the program.

One of the main advantages of the Checkra1n update0.12.3 became the availability of devices with Macs on the M1 processor. The previously updated Mac was not available for jailbreak. So far, only Checkra1n version 0.12.3 has been able to hack iOS 14.5. For Unc0ver, gadgets operating under the operating system up to iOS 14.3 remain available.

Jailbreak is used to gain access tofile system of Apple devices. As a result, users have the ability to install third-party applications bypassing the AppStore, which is the main reason for Checkra1n's popularity.

Source: notebookcheck