You can crack the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone in 20 minutes

Saving privacy on your smartphoneprotected by a fingerprint scanner and until recently seemed very reliable protection. However, enthusiasts are constantly discovering significant gaps in such protection.

Researchers from Tencent Security X-Lab demonstrated at a GeekPwn 2019 conference in Shanghai, hacking a smartphone using fingerprints taken from a glass.

The hacking process takes only 20 minutes andrequires software worth about $ 140. To cheat a fingerprint sensor, you only need a smartphone and hardware. It remains only to scan the fingerprint left by the device owner and create a physical copy of them.

As a result, Tencent Security X-Lab expertsmanaged to crack the first ultrasonic scanner located under the screen of the smartphone. It should be noted that earlier in the media there was a message that the fingerprint scanner was “neutralized” using a cheap gel protective film.

Source: securitylab