Yandex will abandon the news aggregator and will develop

Yandex will abandon the news aggregator and will develop as its new main page,

the press service of the company reports.After the deal for the sale of media assets — Zen and News — is closed, will become the main entry point to Search, Mail and other company services, including the Yandex ID user account. The company will also release a new Yandex application with Alice for Android. “The core of the new homepage and new app will be Search. On, users will have access to a universal search - to search for anything anywhere, search verticals - to find, for example, pictures or products, and Alice - to quickly get answers. You can see what the new main page will look like right now — on,” the message says.

The existing Yandex application for Android will be replacedname on Yandex Start. It will function as a browser, and users will be able to choose the start page in the settings. The Yandex app for iOS will continue to work as before, but without Zen and News. The former media main Yandex, after the deal is closed, will become the portal and will be controlled by VK. Also, VK will receive the rights to technologies and trademarks of Zen and News. The companies signed a binding agreement under which VK buys Zen and Novosti, and Yandex the Delivery Club food delivery service, on August 22. The deal is expected to close in the coming months.