"Yandex", VK and Ozon decided to apply for accounting of all advertising of Runet

Become advertising data operators, who from autumn must transmit information about all ongoing

advertising campaigns in Runet, Yandex is ready,VK, Ozon, MTS, VimpelCom and NMG structure. For sites, their services may not be free, RBC reports. From September 2022, a system of total accounting for online advertising should be launched in Russia. Its customers, the agencies serving them, and the Internet sites themselves will have to transfer information about all ongoing campaigns in Runet to Roskomnadzor through advertising data operators. The number of such operators is not limited, but those wishing to become one must have a Russian legal entity with an authorized capital of at least 200 million rubles. In addition, advertising systems and advertising distributors, whose total annual income exceeds 2.5 billion rubles, should be ready to cooperate with it.

About the application deadlines for those wishing to becomeadvertising data operators in September will be announced by a special commission, which will be formed by Roskomnadzor. As for the cost of the operator's services, there are no recommendations or instructions in this regard in the amendments. Vimpelcom, according to the publication's sources, wants to take 1% of the amount of the primary act of work performed between the distributor and the advertising customer for accounting services. Some operators, at least at first, are ready not to take money for their services at all. For example, Yandex plans to make the marking service free of charge for up to six months for current partners. What will be the cost of services after the test period has not yet been reported, RBC clarifies.

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