Yandex unmanned vehicles swept through Las Vegas (video)

Along with the advanced developments of the worldautomotive industry, at an exhibition in Las Vegas, the achievements of Yandex developers were demonstrated, which presented the work of the autonomous car control system in real conditions.

One of the first unmanned vehicles invehicles in the desert of Nevada became controlled by the Yandex system, which provides autonomous control without a driver behind the wheel. During the demonstration trips, the capabilities of the control system were shown under various lighting conditions (day and night), as well as work in traffic jams, congestion and rain.

The test track was 6.7 km long.multi-lane sections, adjustable and unregulated intersections, junctions and sharp turns, pedestrian crossings. Over a hundred people in 6 days of the demonstration drove in a car driven by a Yandex autopilot, and the total length of the path traveled in Nevada was about 7,000 km.

Among the passengers was the vice governor of the stateMichigan Garlin Gilchrist, actively developing unmanned transport technology in his state. Six months ago, Yandex won a competition for offline travel for visitors to the 2020 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, held under the auspices of the state governor. In June, Yandex will have the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities in the cabin as an unmanned taxi.