Yandex unmanned vehicles appeared on the roads of Moscow

Pilotless cars overlook the common roadsuse of Moscow. According to the TASS news agency, Yandex is starting to test these cars. The experiment involved five cars, they are technically ready to move without the help of the driver, that is, the system completely takes control. These cars belong to the fourth level of autonomy.

The press service of Yandex predicts that in the near future a few dozen more of these vehicles will enter the experiment, which are now in a state of waiting for permission.

The choice of a specific route and the tasks of testing are fully consistent with the provisions of the Government’s decree on conducting the experiment throughout Moscow.

Representatives of the company plan to withdraw to the endyears on the roads of Moscow and other territories more than 100 unmanned vehicles. In cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Yandex is working to simplify the certification process of drones. The first roads on which experimental cars will appear will be the so-called departure highways, the center of Moscow, as well as the Yasenevo, Butovo, Kommunarka, MKAD and TTK districts.

The experiment (and at the same time testing) should reveal the economic feasibility of introducing this technology into the country's economic activity.

And until the spring of 2022, other areas of the country will be involved in the experiment, as well as the Moscow-Helsinki international highway.