Yandex.Translator translates colloquial speech

Modern gadgets help humanitywill cope with many important problems. The new application of Yandex can permanently eliminate the language barrier that stands in the way of many travelers and businessmen. Yandex branded translator will help in communication with foreigners, and the translation will be carried out by ear, from the live speech of the interlocutors.

Interpretation Technology UsedYandex, is no different from its analogues on the market. To activate this function, go to the necessary section of the application and select the languages ​​in which the interlocutors communicate. Then you should say a certain phrase, which will be recorded on the screen in both languages. In case of errors in the recognition of oral speech, you can manually adjust the phrases.

Currently in Yandex.About 50 languages ​​are available for translators for interpreters for devices running Android and just over 20 languages ​​for smartphones running iOS. It should be noted that Yandex works not only with traditional languages ​​that are easy to recognize, such as English and French, but also with difficult to decrypt Chinese and Japanese languages.