"Yandex" presented "Masterpiece"

Yandex has released a prototype of the Masterpiece application, which can generate images using

neural networks, reports RBC with reference to the messagecompanies. Shedevroom understands Russian and English and is very fond of specifics. The more detailed the description, the more accurate the result. The neural network takes into account special wishes (for example, “photorealism” or “high detail”), is able to imitate famous painters and work in given artistic styles,” the company said. The images in the Masterpiece are created using the cascaded diffusion method: first, the image is created in accordance with the request, then its resolution is increased and details are added.

The developers trained the first version of the application on240 million examples of pictures with text descriptions, now training continues on a dataset of 500 million examples. “By the time of the final release, it will be able to generate banners, illustrations, create images for online storefronts, and more,” said Aleksey Gusakov, head of the Yandex Machine Intelligence and Research Department. Masterpiece can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. To generate images according to your own requests, you need to leave a request and wait for its confirmation. In the future, all registered users will have this opportunity.