Yandex.Phone fell from 18 to 14 thousand rubles. More precisely, up to 11690 rubles

It seems that Yandex needed more beta testers.

Recall. Yandex.A phone - a smartphone with built-in Alice - went on sale at the end of last year at a price of 17,990 rubles. And now, quite suddenly, its price has fallen by as much as four thousand. Smartphone available
in the Connected,
M Video,
Beeline ... Perhaps, and somewhere else.

Apparently, Yandex.Buns also have not gone away. At least, on the official page of Yandex. Phone, information about them is still present. I will remind you. Happy owners are entitled to 500 rubles for a Yandex.Money account, 1,500 rubles a cashback, 300 rubles for a taxi and some other nice things. That is, in fact, from 13,990 rubles, you can safely take away another 2300. In total, the device will cost you 11690 Rubles.

And you can make as many jokes as possible over Yandex and its attempts to enter the smartphone market, but for $ 16620 Yandex. The phone is more than good. Not without rough edges, but good.

Who cares about the details of the device - read my review. In short - compact, quite smart, with NFC and weak cameras.

George Kiselyov