Yandex Pay payment platform from Yandex has been launched

Number of payment platforms usingcontactless remote transactions are growing rapidly. The Yandex company announced on March 10 the launch of a new Yandex Pay platform for non-cash transactions. Yandex account holders can now, by analogy with Apple Pay and Google Pay, make purchases without presenting a payment card with a single click of a button.

To fully work with the Yandex Pay platform,the account owner is obliged to link a Mastercard, Visa or Mir payment card to the account. In the future, when paying, you do not need to enter additional information or information about the card - all the necessary data will already be on the platform.

At first, Yandex Pay will workcarried out only on sites. Further plans for the development of the platform include the creation of a mobile application and the provision of the ability to carry out calculations offline. According to the developers, the payment service has reliable protection, and customer data is stored in an encrypted form. The first to connect Yandex Pay were online stores Lamoda, Brandshop and several other well-known brands.

Source: yandex