Yandex messenger will compete with Telegram and WhatsApp

In conditions of self-isolation, humanity is activelyuses a variety of methods of communication via the Internet. Therefore, developers of high-tech companies seek to expand the range of services available to users. It is in this sector of the economy that serious competition has unfolded, while many traditional industries are experiencing difficulties and are close to collapse.

Yandex specialists in competition withthe reputable Telegram and WhatsApp platforms are launching a new instant messaging service called Yandex.Messenger and will come to replace Yandex.Chats. Along with the standard features that are already on competing platforms, the Messenger offers a number of advanced features that make communication on the network more convenient, informative and efficient.

Access to Yandex.Messenger "is provided directly from the main page of the Yandex search system, in versions of the Browser intended for desktop computers and mobile systems, in the Yandex application and in special applications for iOS and Android. If you have an account with Yandex, re-registration with Yandex.Messenger is not required.

Application “Yandex.Messenger ”allows customers not only to send text messages, but also to make video calls, create channels and send audio messages. In addition, the use of SpeechKit proprietary technology for speech recognition will allow you to transform voice messages into text format. To connect Yandex.Messenger, you need to download the application from Google Play and the App Store.