Yandex has launched the Telemost bridge online video call service. Analogue Zoom without time limit

Yandex has launched a video call service calledYandex.Telemost. The service will allow people to quickly assemble a remote work meeting or chat with friends online. The talk time is not limited, but you can create a meeting and invite participants in just a couple of seconds - the invitation link is automatically copied to the clipboard for convenience. What is nice - no need to register or install any applications.

The teleconference is the most affordable and easy tousing the service. In order to start a meeting or join it, you do not need to install a separate application: the service works in Yandex.Browser and Chrome, as well as in Yandex.Disk and Yandex.Mail applications. Gradually, the Teleconference will be integrated into other Yandex products and will work in other browsers.

Yandex.Telemost is available through a direct link You can open the meeting invitation link in a browser, Yandex.Disk mobile and desktop applications, and Yandex.Mail apps for iOS and Android.

Source: press release Yandex.