Yamaha Fazer-R G2 cargo drone tested on fresh fish delivery (video)

Modern high-speed unmannedaircraft can completely transform the perishable product delivery system. Japan Airlines has conducted flight tests of a Yamaha Fazer-R G2 petrol engine in a common airspace with permission from regulators in Nagasaki Prefecture. Fresh fish was used as products for high-speed transportation.

Japan Airlines specializes in the study ofthe ability to use drones to deliver small loads. At the same time, significant savings are achieved not only in time, but also the service for operational delivery is cheaper.

Partnerships of Japan Airlines andYamaha Motor, allowed to test the unmanned helicopter Yamaha Fazer-R G2, the total mass of which is 80 kg, while the payload is about 35 kg.

During testing, the autonomous flight processThe Fazer-R G2 was remotely controlled, and only during the approach was control transferred to the operator in line of sight. It is noteworthy that the range of flights of a cargo drone is up to 90 km, while the time spent in the air can reach 100 minutes. The maximum speed of an unmanned helicopter is 72 km / h.

The first test flight took place betweenthe airports of Kamigoto and Odzika. At the same time, the cargo, the category of which was not disclosed, was in a special refrigerator and was not unloaded at the delivery point and was simply returned to the place of launch. At the same time, the Yamaha Fazer-R G2 covered a distance of 46 km. Operators from the ground monitored not only the flight, but also the temperature regime in the refrigerator.

The next stage of the test took place withusing 20 kg of fresh fish, which was delivered from Kamigoto Airport to the warehouse of a logistics company in the city of Saykai, located 35 km from the starting point. Later, fresh fish was transported by car to Nagasaki Airport and from there flew to Tokyo, where it was sent to a restaurant. According to the test results, it was found that during transportation the product quality was not affected.