Yamaha introduced a very compact and very powerful car electric motor (3 photos + video)

One of the world leaders in productionmotorcycles, scooters and bicycles, the Japanese corporation Yamaha Motor Company, has recently been actively promoted in the electric vehicle market. It was Yamaha engineers who first proposed installing an electric motor on bicycles in 1993. This gave rise to a whole branch in the industry producing urban small vehicles. Now Yamaha has announced a compact electric motor for motorcycles, as well as a more powerful but also smaller electric motor for cars.

Japanese engineers announced economicalA small 35 kW motorcycle electric motor that meets the requirements of modern electric motorcycles. It is an engine of this power that is installed on the popular Zero FXS model. The second engine was a more powerful 150 kW electric motor, which is intended for a promising rear-wheel drive car.

Yamaha, according to the developers, offerspower packs for motorcycles, cars and other vehicles capable of delivering a uniquely high power density. Thus, the company announced its intention to expand the range of electric bicycles and motorcycles, as well as, in the future, the release of its own electric vehicle.

Significant reduction in engine weight and dimensions,was achieved thanks to proprietary technologies and innovative design solutions. As a result, the total mass of vehicles will be reduced, which will provide them with higher speed indicators, lead to a decrease in energy consumption, and also reduce production costs, and as a result, the final price of products.

At this time, Yamaha is not disclosing its further plans for the development of electric vehicles and does not provide a specific date for the market launch of electric vehicles with ultra-compact electric motors.