XPeng Unveils Specifications and Pricing Information for Flagship G9 Electric SUV

Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng reveals specifications and pricing

of its flagship SUV, the G9.It is claimed to be China's first mass-produced electric car that will use an 800V platform. The manufacturer claims that the car's battery can be fully charged in just 30 minutes, and 5 minutes of charging should be enough to drive 200 kilometers. The maximum power reserve on a full charge will be 700 kilometers. To implement fast charging, the company offers users a developed network of its own charging stations, the services of which can also be used by users of electric vehicles of other brands. The manufacturer estimated the novelty at 309,900 yuan ($46,960) for the basic version, the car in the senior configuration will cost 469,900 yuan ($66,656). In higher trim levels, users will have access to versions with a dual-chamber air suspension system and an advanced driver assistance system with a high level of autopilot capabilities.