XPeng Announces Launch of Autopilot Program for Urban Operations

The Chinese company XPeng announced the launch of a high-level autopilot pilot program. Program

XPeng Driver Assistance Called CityNavigation Guided Pilot and, according to the developers, is fully suitable for use in complex urban driving conditions. Unlike Tesla's Full Self Driving (FSD) autonomous driving system, the City NGP system is based on a combination of cameras, radars and LiDAR, which together form a complete picture around a moving object in 360-degree space.

The first launch of the City NGP program will take place inGuangzhou city, users will be able to access it through a cloud upgrade. XPeng will require the user to have a seven-day familiarization period and at least 100 kilometers in the city trial mode, after which the system can be used on all available roads. It is stated that after activating the City NGP system, the car can perform the entire range of maneuvers in accordance with navigation, in particular, it will be able to change lanes in the flow of urban transport, overtake, stop, take into account obstacles, pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles, maneuver at intersections, roundabouts and tunnels.