Xiaomi's new HIMO C16 electric bike is stylish and comfortable (8 photos + video)

Electric bicycles are gaining morepopularity not only as a convenient form of transport for those who have been tortured by traffic jams on the way to work, but also as a vehicle for families.

Xiaomi introduced at crowdfundingthe new HIMO C16 electric bike, which just can be called family. The bike has two seats, one of which is passenger. In front is a convenient basket for transporting things.

The only thing potential buyers should keep in mind is that a bicycle cannot stand two adults: its total load capacity is 100 kg, and it weighs 32.5 kg.

The electric bike is equipped with a 12 Ah battery,which needs to be removed from it to recharge. A full supply of energy will be enough to cover a distance of 55-75 km. You can move around simply by placing your feet on a special stand, and there is a desire to work with your feet - please.

Maximum speed - 25 km / h.
A mini-display on the steering wheel will help the rider control the speed and battery charge, there are also buttons for turning on the lights and a distance meter.

Well designed brake system, according toassurances of the manufacturer, does not require any special maintenance, and there are brakes on the steering wheel and rear wheel. Bicycle wheels are 16-inch.

At the crowdfunding site, an order for the HIMO C16 electric bike can be made for 1999 yuan (≈18,500 rubles). The color scheme to choose from: white, gray and khaki.

Source: xiaomiyoupin